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Overall Dimensions
  1. A value is required Invalid format. May not exceed 120"
  2. A value is required Invalid format May not exceed 48"
  3. A value is required. Please enter a decimal. Must be greater than 0.75" May not exceed 3"
Edge Conditions
  1. Flange


    This is the standard option for a visible edge.
    No Flange

    No Flange

    Choose this option if you intend to "scribe" the countertop to an irregular or out of square adjoining surface.


    This is the standard 4" tall backsplash detail.
Drop in Sink Cutout - (click to add)
Choose this option if you plan to install a drop in sink.
Integral Sink - (click to add)
Integral sinks are stainless steel sinks that are welded directly to the countertop. The welds are subsequently ground out and polished resulting in a one-piece, seamless countertop. You can choose from a variety of sink sink sizes and configurations.
Faucet Cutout - (click to add)
Choose this option if you would like faucet holes cut into your countertop.
Dispenser - (click to add)
Choose this option if you would like an additional hole for a hot water, filtered water, soap or other type of dispenser.
Drop in Cooktop - (click to add)
Choose this option if you would like a rectangular cut out to accomodate a drop in cooktop.

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